IF YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE THIS, you willfully allow it to happen.


Out of integrity arises discrimination, for the life that is founded in truth is lived in harmony with truth. The virtue of discrimination lies in the power it bestows to determine the comparative dignity of values. The end of discrimination is to invariably discover right and choose it from among conflicting and confusing opinions. Discrimination, to a certain degree, is judgment; to another degree, it is clear vision; and to a considerable measure, it is courage. Discrimination leads to conviction and bestows the courage of conviction. He who possesses discrimination can never be victimized by the illusionary values of this mortal sphere. All the old philosophers declared discrimination to be invaluable to the pursuit of wisdom. A person incapable of discriminating between the various doctrines that have been promulgated in different countries and civilizations can never hope to discover truth. Philosophy is a service to truth, and no man can serve well that which he cannot discover surely. Discrimination destroys false goods; it releases the soul from bondage to opinions; it emancipates man from a thousand errors. To use a poetic phrase, discrimination picks unerringly the polar star from a galaxy of constellations. In modern metaphysics, thousands of students drift from cult to cult upon a tide of moods and emotions. We cannot truly progress until we chart the course of our purposes. Discrimination removes the uncertainties from action. We drift no longer, but, steering a sure course, come at last to the safe haven we have sought.

— Excerpt from ‘Words to the Wise; A practical guide to the esoteric sciences’ By Manly P. Hall

What Is "Pizzagate"?

Curiously, the video below has now been removed from YouTube.

Uncovering The Rest Of The Iceburg...

Sadly, the woman speaking in the following videos was murdered in the midst of continuing this investigation.