5 Reasons Spiritual Aspirants Should Personally Investigate Pizzagate and Pedogate

5 Reasons Spiritual Aspirants Should Personally Investigate Pizzagate and Pedogate

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pizzagate and Pedogate should not to be investigated by the faint of heart, the overly sensitive, the delicate, the overly emotional, or the reactionary individual. All Spiritual Aspirants are first needed to spread love, positivity, and kindness onto the world. Due to the dark nature of this subject matter, only those with spiritual fortitude, toughness, and a strong grasp of reality should bother reading further. It is spiritually irresponsible to take in more of this information than one can handle, as you cannot un-see what you have already seen. While there is nothing graphic in this particular post, please keep this in mind if you choose to investigate beyond this post. That said, a strong and United Force Of Good is needed in order to counteract the evil currently being perpetrated against humanity.

If you are tough, if you know God, and if you want to protect children, please keep reading



1. The Pursuit And Love Of Truth.

If you know God, then you know that God is Truth. Based on this initial precept, one can surmise that in order to know God, one must also know Love - as Love is the closest emotion/feeling/connection to Truth that we humans can experience in a sentient way; through the various frequencies and levels of human consciousness.

Through the experience of Love, and its wide array of colours, sounds, frequencies, emotions, chemical reactions, and energetic transactions, we learn more about God. And through this learning, the mystery is a little less mysterious, our hearts open, and we experience life more deeply than before.

If you are a person who knows God, then you know that we humans have a purpose here on earth and that purpose is to pursue the Truth, in God, through Love.

The motherly aspect of love, or the divine feminine aspect of love, resides in each of us. This portion of our soulful compassion contains an inherent and instinctual need to love and protect children. Children are souls who have come to this planet in helpless packages. They depend upon our love, protection, and guidance in order to become healthy and soulful human beings.

As beings whose purpose is to honour God, through love, kindness, and harmlessness, it is our duty to protect all children, at all costs. The institutions that we have put into place to do this job are failing. Thus it is our job to step in and make sure that this very important task is being properly handled. The first way to do this is by becoming informed.

The first reason why God-Loving, Jesus-Loving, Light-Loving, Love-Loving, Right-Loving, Good-Loving, Humanity-Loving, Earth-Loving, or Truth-Loving individuals should investigate Pizzagate is to make sure children are being protected, children are safe, perpetrators of child abuse are rightly exposed and justly prosecuted, and that we are doing our jobs as the 'Lovers of Truth' to protect children and in doing so, honouring God.


2. Discernment.

Discernment is a spiritual term used across the spectrum of spiritual belief.

Regardless of personal belief system or spiritual philosophy, discernment (or discrimination) is a spiritual ability. It is the ability to know the difference between right and wrong, it is the ability to know the difference between true and false, it is the ability to know the difference between good and evil. And just like a physical ability, it needs to be practiced, grown, and mastered. As your discernment sharpens through diligent practice and attention, intuition begins to play its part as your assistant.

Discernment comes about through the ability to think diplomatically and to thoroughly review as many angles or perspectives of a situation before coming to a level of, or standard of personal Truth, in alignment with Higher Truth: goodness and harmlessness. If you have not considered multiple perspectives on a given topic/situation, then your opinion is unfounded and baseless.

That all said, any person, with any modicum of discernment can see that we, the people, are constantly being lied to and manipulated on multiple fronts. So much so that this is an undeniable part of our modern, information-based culture and reality - as a majority, we, the people, accept this deception as truth.

    The second reason why you should investigate Pizzagate is based on the fact that we know we are being lied to - on a regular and consistent basis - by politicians, media outlets, television personalities, corporate entities, financial institutions, military personnel, and individuals with YouTube Accounts. With this knowledge, ALL things must be questioned by the individual. In fact, it should come as second nature for any person, with any modicum of discernment, to want to personally investigate any topic pertaining to the welfare of children.


    3. Logic.

    Let's be logical about all of this:

    • This is real: Pedophilia perpetrated by 'powerful' people has been documented for decades. It undoubtedly exists.  There are many documented examples of organized pedophilia perpetrated by the 'rich', 'powerful', and 'elite'. Here are some search terms for you to explore if you doubt this:

    The Franklin Cover-up / Hampstead Cover-up / The Hampstead kids / Jimmy Savile Island /  Jeffrey Epstein and The Lolita Express / Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal / Cathy O'Brien - Trance Formation of America / Dennis Hastert Pedophila / Edward Heath Pedophile / An Open Secret, banned documentary / Vatican Pedophilia / The Penn State Pedophile Ring / Boystown Nebraska Pedophilia / Paul Bonnaci / Laura Silsby Haiti Child trafficking /  Fiona Bartlett

    • The emails are real: The emails - leaked by Wikileaks, which sparked the citizen investigation into a possible Washington DC Pedophile Ring, have been crytographically verified or DKIM verified. However, I agree with Ben Swan when he said: the authenticity of the emails is irrelevant. What is relevant is if what they reveal is true. These emails, when combed through by citizen investigators, uncovered a secret code language that was being used. This secret code language is the same code language used by pedophiles to communicate with one another as verified by the FBI.
    • Those implicated by the email leak, implicated themselves with their behavior: The individuals implicated in this scandal have clued many into their personal preferences for children through the disturbing images posted to their social media accounts and through the artwork hanging in their homes (as well as many other clues that link them to pedophilia). On display, posted and hung up by their own hands, are their preferences for small children. Here is an example of art, proudly displayed by one of the individuals implicated in Pizzagate: Elitist Art
    • American citizens working to expose this scandal are turning up dead and missing: Individuals who have been reporting on Pizzagate have been brutally censored, without cause, and in violation of their first amendment rights. Companies like Reddit, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have censored those exposing pedophilia while allowing videos and images of pedophilia to remain on their sites (this is quite ominous and implies many things). Many have been threatened and demonized, some have been murdered, and a couple have gone missing.
    • No formal MSM or police investigation has been launched to date: Despite mounds of evidence and countless Americans demanding an investigation, the FBI, the DC Police Department, the NY Police Department, and the Department of Justice have not yet opened a formal investigation. It is a fact that the covering-up of and media suppression of these types of allegations is the modus operandi for how these cases are publicly and politically dealt with. It is not an indication that the scandal has been debunked but rather an implication that the 'elitist' perpetrators of these crimes believe they are able to get away with these crimes.

    Logic tells us: "where there is smoke, there is fire". The combination of evidence pertaining to Pizzagate, combined with the evidence of a cover-up, combined with basic discernment, tells us that it is important for all individuals to look into this personally and thoroughly for the greater good of humanity and for the protection of children.


    4. Spiritual Warfare.

    Much of the evidence amassed in the Pizzagate and Pedogate citizen investigation point to a spiritual ideology as the main motive for some of the most extreme cases of child torture, sacrifice, and cannibalization.

    This ideology, which has been around for millennia, believes that murdering, raping, torturing, and cannibalizing children serves a couple of different purposes:

    • One of these purposes is to "destroy care"; to purposefully and carefully destroy humanity, which is viewed by these individuals as a lesser species. These individuals believe that humans - i.e. "God's children"; those created in God's image, are to be controlled and used for their own needs (this motive has been stated countless times by survivors and also individuals who have taken part in these behaviors).
    • Another purpose for these crimes against children, humanity, and God, is to please and 'honor' the chosen 'deity' of these individuals. This 'deity' goes by many names: Baal, Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet. These individuals believe that by sacrificing/torturing/cannibalizing children to their 'deity', they will receive and wield power, wealth, and eternal life.

    Whether or not these beliefs are true or ill-founded is irrelevant. What is relevant is that these individuals deeply believe these things. And not only do they believe it, but are acting upon it - regularly and with powerful focus, concentration, and concerted group effort.

    Because their actions are not only taking place in the physical reality, but also in the spiritual reality, their actions are a form of spiritual warfare and only those who know God can counter their dark and evil practices. Only those who know God can stand up against these individuals while being protected from harm. Only those who know God are equipped with the spiritual know-how and knowledge to not only meet them on the physical battle ground through activism, but also on the spiritual battle ground through powerful, focused, and concerted collective prayer.

    The fourth reason why Spiritual Aspirants should investigate Pizzagate and Pedogate is because we're the only ones who can properly put an end to it. In fact, this may be exactly what many of us are here to do.


    5. Children and The Future of Humanity.

    Children who are forgotten and neglected turn into adults that don't care about the world - allowing those who wish to control and destroy the world to have an easier path. Children who are sexually abused turn into adults who are broken and unable to cope with life or function in relationship to other people. Most children who are raped and tortured turn into individuals who are disconnected from God and their Souls. The ones who are courageous enough to tell their tale are few and far between.

    We, as individuals who are blessed enough to know God and who truly know what love and compassion is, cannot turn a blind eye to widespread child abuse. We must, through mandate of our purpose - to seek out and understand God, follow up on this with vehement fervor. We must each personally investigate this and we must come together to put a definitive end to these dark crimes against humanity regardless of the scale by which it is occurring. We must fear no evil.

    The future of family, the future of humanity, and the future of our existence depends upon our choice of action as it pertains to the dark forces who work in opposition to Goodness, Love, and Truth.

    The fifth reason why you should investigate Pizzagate and Pedogate is because the future of humanity may literally depend upon our ability to bring love to the darkest corners of earth.

    Time to step-up, Dear Ones.





    #Pedogate is the iceburg: It is a scandal involving child trafficking, child sexual abuse, child torture, child murder, child sacrifice, and the cannibalization of children. This scandal involves a global, large-scale, and highly-organized operation where children are used as products, by factions of elitists* for various ideological motives. This scandal has been publicly verified in The United Kingdom and Australia as well as the Catholic Church and the Vatican - it is currently being investigated by global citizens.

    #Pizzagate is a tip on the #Pedogate Iceburg: Pizzagate involves a large-scale, highly organized pedophile ring that was uncovered, by global citizen journalists, involving Washington DC Elites including politicians, local business owners, media personalities, and individuals in the police department and FBI after being tipped off by a Wikileaks Email Dump. This scandal has neither been debunked nor has it been formally investigated by law enforcement.

    *There are many names used to describe and label the perpetrators of these crimes however it is important to use neutral language for the purposes of not detracting from the importance or accuracy of this report.

    THE BASICS - 'Pizzagate: A Primer' A video by YouTuber: MartyLeeds33

    This video was uploaded on January 1, 2017. In my opinion, this is one of the most extensive and well-done videos as it pertains to the foundational evidence regarding the Pizzagate Scandal. It is an important video to watch however please note: this video does include graphic and disturbing content. Also, since the date of the release of this video there has been additional evidence and developments.



    Where is Ben Swan?

    This is a video by TRUSTED** YouTube Channel: Victurus Libertas VL about Ben Swan, the CBS News Anchor who "went dark" - shutting down his Facebook account and Twitter account losing tens of thousands of followers and subscribers, after reporting Pizzagate. His whereabouts remain a mystery.

    Who is Laura Silsby?

    Laura Silsby was arrested in Haiti for trying to traffic children out of the country illegally . She is now operating under a different name (Laura Gayler) and is currently working for Alertsense - the company that alerts us when a child goes missing: i.e. 'Amber Alerts'. Video by TRUSTED** YouTube Channel: SGT REPORT

    How is The Clinton Foundation involved in Pizzagate?

    This is a well made video presenting the most recent evidence pertaining to the Pizzagate scandal as it pertains to the connections with The Clinton Foundation posted by YouTube Channel: Angel Heart Studios

    ** Trusted YouTuber Channels are YouTube Channels that are currently reporting on Pizzagate. These are Channels that I listen to often. I know these Channels to be fair, spiritually responsible, and respectable sources of quality research and reporting. I trust the other videos and links included in this article, however I have not listened to enough of these Channel's videos to consider it trusted.


    Why has no formal investigation by authorities been opened? Despite the outcries of thousands of Americans and a great deal of evidence? How deep does this go?



    Fiona Bartlett - Australia

    Fiona Barnett speaks out her experiences as a child who was ritualistically abused from the age of 2 years old and the large scale pedophile ring in Austrailia - this video contains disturbing content.

    Richard Kerr - United Kingdom

    Richard Kerr speaks out about being abused by a pedophile ring in the United Kingdom. This video contains disturbing content.

    Alisa and Gabriel Dearman- United Kingdom

    Alisa and Gabriel made multiple video testimonies documenting the satanic ritual abuse they experienced which have since been taken down. They were called liars by the British Media, they were taken away from their mother by social services. Here is a video made by TRUSTED* YouTuber: SGTReport

    Theresa - United Kingdom

    Theresa (Unknown Last Name) speaks to a British television show about a large, and high scale pedophile ring which exploited and abused her.

    Paul Bonacci - United States of America

    Paul Bonnaci gives video testimony of his experiences as an operative for a large scale child trafficking and pedophile ring in Washington DC.

    Oh hello, 2017!

    Oh hello, 2017!