The Importance of Personal Wellness In Times of War

The Importance of Personal Wellness In Times of War

We are undeniably in a time of war: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Our bodies are being inundated with countless toxins on a regular and constant basis: fear, anxiety, unregulated EMF frequencies, pharmaceuticals, GMOs, geoengineering, and corrupted water systems are just a couple of verified examples of our toxic human forms.

Our environment, our water systems, and our food is being poisoned with chemicals. Food is being irradiated by lasers and genetically manipulated by academics and intellectuals, called scientists, who believe they are gods, and to whom we give away our personal and collective power as it pertains to our health. Our minds are being confused with fake news. And our emotions are being manipulated by false narratives, staged events, and extreme tactics of distraction.

All of these things - the engineering of our ability to sense, intuit, and discern, deeply and undoubtedly affect our personal connection with God and with Mother Nature. Without this holy connection of the masculine and feminine, we lose touch with reality and become extremely programmable; extremely open to be influenced and controlled. Our ability to sense, to discern, to intuit, and to know is what makes us human. A human is an organism that was originally meant to mirror supreme harmony. This ability has been grossly corrupted. Without the ability to plug into both God and Mother Nature, our ability to discern between good and bad or right and wrong, becomes extremely limited. This ability to discern, it is what keeps us from self destruction. For these reasons, we are also in the midst of a spiritual war - as so many individuals are being deceived into losing touch with their inner connection with God and nature.

When you look around, it seems undeniable that each and every one of us is at war. At war within our selves, at war with one another, at war with the ideologies of our ancestors, at war with the ideologies of others, at war with the traumas of the past, at war with the repetition of trauma in the present, and at war with the fear about the very same trauma occurring in the future. We are externally at war with a cruel, power-hungry, narcissistic power structure that seeks to dominate, exclude, and harm all those considered 'below them' while internally at war with the effects, intended and unintended, of the power-structure we were born into. 

So what can we do to find and make peace? How can we change this scenario?

We can prioritize wellness. Wellness in the Self: self care, self discipline, self healing, self love. Wellness in the body: nutrition, strength, mobility, flexibility. Wellness in the community: community social and political participation. Wellness in the mind: prayer, meditation, open-mindedness, discernment. Wellness in the emotions: effective and positive self expression.

Focusing on wellness is focusing on a positive solution. Collectively, if we turn our attention and energy to the prioritization of wellness, there will no doubt be great shifts in not only our collective consciousness, but also in the earth's ability to sustain life and thrive.

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Author's Note:

I have decided to offer my own products and services as you can see if you choose to peruse my site. I have decided that my true passion lies in not only teaching various aspects of wellness, but in also helping others to see through the chemically and technologically induced fog currently blocking the view of reality.

I understand if some of the concepts and ideas, as it pertains to some of the events and realities of the world, seem scary, but I urge you to take an honest look around at what is happening in the world: perpetual war, climate geo-engineering, government corruption, media collusion, media blackouts, youtube/google/patreon/twitter/facebook censorship, Monsanto, big pharma, the cancer industry... the list goes on and on. As you recount it in your mind and in your heart, I urge you to look outside of the box; to view many different perspectives; to develop your discernment. I also urge you to make your self, your family, and your community healthier - this imperative can make a great difference in your world and in the world at large.

I have included two videos from trusted online alternative media outlets: SGT Report and Truth Stream Media. These are recent videos addressing some of the issues I mentioned in the beginning of this blog post. Listening to these perspectives with an open mind, helps you to develop your discernment.

I look forward to sharing more with you about projects I am working on and I hope to see some of you in my classes, camps, and challenges!



I have opened up comments on this blog. In acknowledging that, I would like to say that all rudely worded comments, with the intention to be harmful, cruel, inappropriate, or stupid will be removed. This is my personal page and I reserve the right to maintain intellectual conversation and debate backed up by sound arguments. 
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