Oh hello, 2017!

Oh hello, 2017!

I don't know about the rest of you, but 2017 has been quite an explosive year and we're not even 6 months in.  Both externally and internally, it is visibly apparent that people, all over the world, are going through great changes.

After my long descent into the rabbit hole known in the 'conspiratorial world' as #Pedogate, (as well as some other rabbit holes: Geo-Engineering, DNC Wikileaks, The Murder of Seth Rich, and the 3rd Secret of Fatima, just to name a few) my perspective on life has shifted and so have my personal goals - hence the slight reformatting of this website.

Here are the main questions I am currently attempting to answer:

How do I stay healthy, and help those around me to stay healthy, when the institutions of the world are undoubtedly working directly against this effort? 

With our fluoridated and chlorinated water, microwaves, Wifi towers and in-home generators, the over use of pharmaceutical drugs, Havard's Geo-Engineering, GMO foods, as well as the large scale destruction and wreckage caused by the meat industry and military industrial complex, in addition to the constant barrage of lies and fear fed to us by the corporately owned media - it's a wonder we are still functioning at all. Are we still functioning?

My own assessment, through talking to many people in the community, about their health, is that we are not functioning well at all. People are sick - with mysterious illnesses, that doctor's seemingly have no real explanations for, they are tired, and they are very anxious. Are there happy people, awake people, and good people? Yes. Plenty.

What are the solutions to these problems?

Ken Rohla, from FreshandAlive.com, said solutions are always available to those who look for them; for every problem or dark intention, there is a solution - the good is always available to those who look. I have found this outlook to be experientially true. And with the advent of the internet, there is no better time than now to empower one's self with knowledge and solutions.

After learning about some of the large scale corruption, testing, and wide scale abuse being perpetrated on human beings, all over the world, at the hands of political, military, religious, and corporate establishments, I began to rethink how I should use this platform.

Being In The Community

After all of my research, and some heavy and difficult internal shifts, I have learned that being in the community is the number one way for individuals to create a better world - talking to people, learning about their stories, sharing your own stories - knowing your neighbors, helping them, and letting them help you, is the best medicine for a world that is currently fraught with fear and abuse; and who often get lost in the fake fantasy lands of television.

That said, learning about energetic vampirism, psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissism are also important steps to setting proper boundaries and keeping one's self safe from the abuses of those with no empathy.

Accepting That You Are An Empath

In my view, there are those who have empathic abilities and those who do not. Of course, logic would state that there is a spectrum on which one might fall, but the fact is this:

If you are an Empath: Someone who is extremely sensitive to the energies of other beings (whether it be humans, animals, plants, or the planet), chances are that you are feeling the great changes occurring within our reality this very moment.

If you know you are someone that can 'feel it all' as Fiest so appropriately sang in her 2009 hit, then it is important that you recognize and learn more about this important trait.

And God.

Praying to God, and to Jesus - the Son of God, for goodness, and for love, and for liberation, and for deliverance, and for peace, is the surefire way to counteract any dark energies lingering in your reality. Don't believe in dark energies, or any energies? That's okay. That's where you are at.

As for me, I will be doing my best to be in my community, helping others with their wellness questions by trying new products accessible to our community, creating healing and medicinal concoctions, attempting to inspire my friends, clients and neighbors to live a healthier lifestyle.

I'll be posting on here periodically, posting on Instagram often, and working with my family, friends, neighbors, and clients daily. I will be developing workshops and classes, as well as writing articles. Finally I will be praying powerfully and often! For peace, love, liberation, the protection of children, and a healthier humanity.

Much love, Jamine




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