Fear Not | Isaiah 41:10

Fear Not | Isaiah 41:10

I have always been a spiritual being. Even as a child I felt a deep connection to God and to a mysterious man, who I never properly studied, called Jesus.

As I grew into my personality, I became programmed by society, by my education, by my friends, and by the men in my life. As a natural born seeker of truth, these influences brought me to many different areas of study that I may not have had the opportunity to delve into had it not been for my lack of spiritual education as a child.

As I experienced the various traumas that have shaped my personal journey in healing over the past 2 decades, I moved further away from Christianity, my inherent belief system, and began to thoroughly study other religions and philosophies - from the New Age Movement to Esoteric Philosophy to Gnosticism to Buddhism to Hinduism, to Occultism.

In the final hours of my spiritual journey, I even studied the practices of those who intentionally deal in darkness; those who are considered devoid of conscience; those who love and worship that entity commonly known as satan or lucifer [whose namesakes do not deserve capitalization].

Truth be told, delving into these dark places shook me to my core and not only awakened me to the reality of evil, but also introduced me to something I call "The Jesus Phenomenon" - a phenomenon consisting of countless recorded accounts of individuals who have experienced the love, protection, and salvation provided when the name Jesus is called upon. In all of these cases, the individuals, who called upon Jesus, were initially non-believers who were in the midst of experiencing what they described as utter terror: the terror and extreme fear experienced during demonic possession and/or alien-abduction. Upon calling on Jesus, these entities; these terrorists fled.

After studying and coming to understand the bigger picture of spirituality and how the Satanic realm of belief and the Christian realm of belief exist simultaneously upon this earthly realm, my spiritual studies have finally come full circle as I have come to understand [experientially; in my heart] who I truly am as a spiritual person.

For years I studied, observed, and practiced many different schools of healing. I learned the esoteric philosophies and occult laws of energetic healing. I met and worked with some of the most well known and 'successful' healers currently alive. These interactive experiences taught me a level of discernment only attainable through personal experience. Ultimately I learned to never trust any man or 'healer' who works outside of the realm of scripture. I also learned to never allow any person to bring into my body the energies or forces of anything other than the Lord God's pure loving energy. 

When I came to understand this; when I truly connected with the Holy Spirit, there were many visible personnel changes in my life: many people who desired to have control over me, or who had internal resistance to this supreme allegiance fell away from me quickly and forcefully.

I am now someone who only deals with/consorts with/prays to/worships God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; someone who understands the dangers of dealing in anything else; someone who internally knows, through personal experience, the healing and protective powers of Jesus Christ.

I have come to realize that my previous resistance to who I am spiritually was something that needed to be shed; something I needed to be delivered and rescued from. It was something that needed to happen naturally, by my own hand, within the realm of divine timing.

Why am I posting this?

We are living In scary times. We live in a day in age that many believe to be 'the end times'. A time where evil is visible and is constantly being exposed to us within our government, our military, our media, and even in our communities. This evil is both tangible and supernatural - it is undeniable to those with the eyes to see and the heart to discern. This force of evil is literally shaking the foundations under our feet with their underground taverns and weapons of mass destruction.

During this time, it is not only important to stand firm in one's faith, but it is also important to proclaim it - loudly and fearlessly. It is vital for each and every one of us to allow our FAITH in God to be greater than our fear of evil.

Spoiler Alert: Faith will conquer.

Please take a moment to Pray Powerfully:  May all human hearts be delivered from evil. In Jesus' name, Amen

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